Current Officers - San Antonio Chapter

Max M. Charleswell, Jr.
Anthony D. Harris
Knight Sacristan
Robert M. Park
Jason S. West
A. Anthony Trujillo
James McLendon
Carl Rodgers
Anthony Kimble
Knight of Regalia
Knight Degree Master
William R. Gulick
Knight Piper
Robert M. Chalk
Knight Drummer
R. Sean Gales
Gregory D. Wright, 32° KCCH
Brady J. Johnson, 32° KCCH
Charles Kee, 32° KCCH
Bradley Kohanke, 32°

Past Chiefs - San Antonio Chapter

Kent Bradley Crickard
2004, 2005
Brett Laird Doyle
Daniel Lopez, Jr.
Nick R. Ramos
Stephen J. Burch
Gregory D. Wright
Samuel W. "Chip" Green, III
Brady J. Johnson
Charles Kee
Bradley Kohanke

Current Members - San Antonio Chapter
(*=Charter Member, KCCH=32° KCCH, %=Emeritus Member,
HON=Honorary Member, #GOV=Inactive on Government Duty, X=Deceased)

Paul W. Adkins 33° HON
Pedro A. Alanis KCCH %
Weylan R. Arnold * KCCH %
Richard Block
Steven J. Burch KCCH %
Adam A. Campbell
Robert M. Chalk
Max M. Charleswell
George Cheney KCCH %
Graham H. Childress 33° HON
Paul D. Coleman
Brett Laird Doyle
Louis Dracoulis
H. Nelson Dunn KCCH HON
John R. Dunn * KCCH %
Ruben Elizondo

Andrew N. Elson KCCH HON
Joe O. Estlack 33° HON
Anthony R. Fedele KCCH %
R. Sean Gales
Frank Gallindo
Donald Prieto Garrido 33° GCCH HON
Jaime Garza * KCCH %
Samuel W. Green Jr. 33° HON
Samuel W. Green III, PC
Thomas Griffy
William R. Gulick
Allan E. Haberkorn
Anthony Harris

Reese L. Harrison Jr. 33°%
Jack E. Hightower 33°%
Daniel M. Hutchinson III *
Harold Jacobs KCCH % X
Robert L. Jett 33° HON
Brady J. Johnson, PC
William D. Jones KCCH HON
Charlie Kee
Brad E. Kohanke
Benjamin Franklin Linduff KCCH %f
Daniel Lopez Jr.*KCCH %
John H.V. Lorch KCCH %
Robert C. Madison 33° HON
Jerry W. Martin
Clinton Murray McDonald McKenzie KCCH %
Ralph A. McLeod* KCCH %
Monty R. McMinn KCCH % X
Eugene A. Meyer Jr * 33° %
Jose David Mireles
Gerald F. Nowotny 33°%
Joseph E. Ober-Hauser KCCH % X
Gustavo Olivares
Oliver Ostorga
Daniel B. Owczarzak
Robert Perkins
Luis Ramos
Nick R. Ramos KCCH %
Luis Recio
Robert D. Riley
Carl Rodrigues
James A. Rodriguez *33° %
Elliott B. Samuels 33° HON
Daniel K. Schauer KCCH %
Stuart H. Simms KCCH %
Robert E. Smith *KCCH %
Armando Soto
Kenneth Steitle
Geoffrey Tahuahua
James W. Todd 33° HON
Douglas Van Griner KCCH %
William J. Viner KCCH %
Matthew Virden
Larry G. Wallis 33° HON
Everett E. Williams 33° HON
Dennis Wilczek
James C. Williams
Gregory D. Wright KCCH %, PC
Thomas G. Young KCCH %
Benjamin M. Yudesis 33° HON

Bylaws of the
San Antonio Knights of St. Andrew

Article I - Name and Affiliation

The organization is known as the San Antonio Knights of Saint Andrew, (hereafter The Order), of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States of America, of the San Antonio Consistory and Coordinate Bodies of the Scottish Rite in the Orient of Texas.

Article II — Purpose

The Order is dedicated to the furtherance of Masonic ideals and the strengthening of bonds between Freemasons and organizations of the Masonic family.

Article III — Duties

The Order is directly subordinate to the Chairman of the Executive Committee for the San Antonio Consistory and Coordinate Bodies and will function as an element of the San Antonio Consistory and Coordinate Bodies as directed by the Chief of the Order subject to the Chairman of the Executive Committee.

Article IV — Meetings

There shall be three (3) stated meetings of the Order each year, one each in the months of January, April, and September. The stated meetings shall be held at the Scottish Rite Cathedral, 308 Avenue E, San Antonio, Texas. The Chief will ensure all Members are notified of the time and date not less than fifteen (15) days prior to the meetings. The January meeting will be Election of Officers and the Installation of same will be held in conjunction with the Installation of Officers of San Antonio Consistory and Coordinate Bodies. Special meetings may be held at the time and place designated by the Chief.

Article V – Membership

Section 1 - Active Members
Membership shall consist of the Charter Members and subsequently elected members of the Order and shall consist of no more than thirty-two (32) members in good standing from the Valley of San Antonio, who are NOT members of the Court of Honor or higher degree. While these original members are to be listed as Charter Members on the membership rolls, they are to receive no other form or distinction of preferment based on their status as Charter Members.

Section 2 - Emeritus Members
An Active Member who is required to forfeit his active membership upon a disqualifying rank or honor, may automatically be conferred Emeritus Membership upon the investiture or conferral of that status. Emeritus Members may attend and participate at all meetings and functions, but may NOT make or vote upon any proposition, ballot on candidates, or hold office in the Order.

Article VI — Election and Reception of Members

The Knights of Saint Andrew is an invitational Order, and may not be “joined” or petitioned by any member of the Scottish Rite. All potential candidates for membership must be proposed and nominated in writing by an Active Member on a form designated for the purpose and provided by the Scribe. Completed candidate proposal forms may be submitted to the Scribe by any Active Member at any time prior to the April Stated Meeting. Voting of proposed candidates for membership shall be conducted by paper ballot at the April Stated Meeting. All Active Members present shall be required to vote. In order to attain active membership, all proposed candidates must receive a fifty-one (51%) majority vote of all Active Members present.

Article VII — Officers

Section 1 - Elected Officers
The elected officers shall consist of the Chief, Chieftain, Sacristan, and Scribe, who will serve a tern of one (1) year. All Active Members shall be eligible for nomination and election to any elective office.

Section 2 - Appointed Officers
The Chief may appoint or terminate additional officers as required for terms of office up to one (1) year, but shall not exceed said term of the Chief making the Appointment.

Article VIII — Dues and Fees

Section 1 - Dues
There shall be no Dues for the Order.

Section 2 - Fees
All members shall pay a one (1) time fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00) upon acceptance of membership and said fee shall include the cost of all regalia for the Order.

Article IX—Amendments

Amendments to these Bylaws may be amended, altered or repealed. Amendments shall be made in writing, shall be read at a stated meeting, and shall layover until the next stated meeting where a vote shall be taken. Any amendments or changes shall be approved by two-thirds vote of all present and will become effective upon the approval by the Chairman of the Executive Committee.


Current Officers - Kerrville Chapter

James Wheeler
Wesley G. Platts
Knight Sacristan
Clark Fritze
Brown H. Stokes
James Lowrance, Jr.
Sean G. Welch

Past Chiefs - Kerrville Chapter

James W. Holland
2010, 2011, 2012

(*=Charter Member)

W. Ray Benton KCCH %
Jerry D. Bible KCCH %
James E. Harrell *
James W. Holland * KCCH %
George H. Lee * KCCH %
James Lowrance, Jr. *
James M. McCrae KCCH %
Wesley G. Platts *
Brown H. Stokes *
Sean G. Welch *
James A. Wheeler
Warren L. Wheeler *

Current Officers - Corpus Christi Chapter

Ralph Escarzaga
Juan G. Pena
Knight Sacristan
Joseph A. Avalos
Robert Dodd
Wesley Kight
Brady T. McNulty
Knight of Regalia

Past Chiefs - Corpus Christi Chapter

Errol A. Peña
2010, 2011, 2012

Current Members - Corpus Christi Chapter
(*=Charter Member)

Joseph Avalos
C. Todd Benson*
Gerald W. Brooks, 33° HON
Robert L. Dodd, Jr.*
Ralph Escarzaga
John C. Gilbreath, III*
Wesley L. Kight*
Brady McNulty
Ralph E. Nelson, Sr.*
Errol A. Peña*
Juan G. Peña, Jr.*
Charles Postel, 33° HON
Tommy C. Wimberly, 33° HON


Current Officers - 7 Flags Chapter

Erasmo Villarreal, Jr.
Dr. Paul R. Buitron
Knight Sacristan
Luis N. Alvarez
Ricardo "Rick" Romo
Hubert Ruiz
Raymond C. Lewallen
Knight Drummer  
Knight Degree Master  
Miguel "Mike" Arce
Knight Piper
Knight of Regalia  

Past Chiefs - 7 Flags Chapter

Paul-Raymond Buitron, III
John M. Bruce
Hector Soliz

Current Members - 7 Flags Chapter
(*=Charter Member)

Luis N. Alvarez
Sammy Amaya*
Mike Arce*
John Bruce*
Paul-Raymond Buitron, III*
Raul Cross
Cade Hamilton*
Humberto Klee*
Raymond Lewallen*
Jesse Lopez*
Gil Martinez
O. J. Martinez*
Fernando De La Selva*
Hector Soliz*
Joe Sosa*
Francisco Valcarel
Erasmo Villarreal, Jr.



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