See Also: Strategic Plan
for the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry
Southern Jurisdiction, USA

Five Year Strategic Plan
Valley of San Antonio
Orient of Texas


This Strategic 5-Year Plan (2008) was developed by the Advisory Committee of the four San Antonio Scottish Rite Bodies and adopted by the Advisory and Executive Committees of the San Antonio Scottish Rite Bodies. The Executive Committee is composed of the presiding officer of each of the four Scottish Rite Bodies, the Almoner, Treasurer and Secretary of each of the four Bodies. The Advisory Committee is composed of the non presiding elected officers of the four Scottish Rite Bodies. Joint meetings of the Executive and Advisory Committees were held in March 4 & 25, 2007 with subsequent correspondence activity via email. The Personal Representative in his capacity as Chairman of both the Executive and Advisory Committees met with the Committees to begin the strategic planning process but left the actual planning in the hands of the Advisory Committee and did not attempt to impose planning upon the committee. The result is that this 5-Year Strategic Plan is a product of the Advisory Committee who are the elected representatives of the membership - and should be the specific officers to lead the implementation of the plan - in the hope that the membership will join with the committee in buying into this 5-Year Strategic Plan.


To be the Masonic center of excellence in South Texas; led by motivated, forward thinking men of Masonic character and to make a positive impact on the quality of life for its members and society at large by teaching and practicing traditional moral, ethical, and Masonic values.


To attract, retain and develop Freemasons through proactive leadership, citizenship, and benevolent programs which ensure that brotherhood is the peculiar characteristic of Freemasonry; that its principal tenets are brotherly love, relief and truth, that we are one sacred band or society of friends and brothers who have but one aim and that is to promote peace and harmony among ourselves and neighbors.


1. Adopt and Implement and the use of position descriptions for officers. Goal: 2008

Each officer has a specific position description which describes the duties and responsibilities of his office. This “clear-cut” guidance will enable each officer to focus his actions and accomplish what is expected of him plus enable him to better prepare for the next office.

2. Create a set of objectives and goals for the various committees. Goal: 2009

Officers work with committee chairmen to establish separate charters which define goals and broadly outline the processes necessary to accomplish the purpose of each committee. This will identify to each chairman what his committee needs to accomplish and allow him to implement the specific method by which to attain said goal.

3. Improve effectiveness of officers and committees. Goal: 2009

Establish a process to identify and provide a review of Scottish Rite activities and provide feedback to officers and committees. Such constructive feedback should harmoniously enhance the performance of officers and committees.

4. Solicit and encourage all elected officers to attend all Leadership Conferences and other Supreme Council sponsored activities. Goal: 2008

All officers are encouraged to attend Scottish Rite Leadership and Membership conferences. The Valley should ensure that all officers receive timely notification of Scottish Rite Leadership and Membership conferences including date, location and cost information. Registration, transportation, lodging and other costs will be the responsibility of the individual. This will enable future presiding officers to have a solid framework upon which to conduct their year as presiding officer in their respective Body.

5. The Executive Committee shall establish a “Committee of Leadership Training” within our own Valley. Goal: 2009

Officer developmental training will become available locally, more often, at less cost and able to reach many additional members. This will enhance the leadership skills of more members and produce officers who can more effectively improve our Valley.

6. Continue to conduct joint Executive Committee/Advisory Committee meetings. Goal: 2008

These joint meetings should be at least quarterly and in November and December. The Office will provide timely notice and prepare agenda items.

7. Continue to utilize and update the Officers Manual for the elected officers of the four bodies.Goal: 2008

These notebooks will provide essential information needed by the officers to conduct their work as leaders of the Valley.


1. Establish Sick Committee whose principal job is to visit the infirm. Goal: 2008

The Four presiding officers will appoint the Committee and the committee will report their activity to the Almoner prior to each Stated Meeting regarding the ill and visitations to them.

2. Use the Membership Committee to contact dues-arrears members to investigate reasons for non-payment of dues. Goal: 2009

The Membership Committee through their communication with nod dues paying members may be able to determine how certain non payment trends can be alleviated and provide data for remission of dues by the Grand Commander.


1. Hold "Rush Party" at least once every year. Goal: 2008

Local Freemasons will be invited to the Scottish Rite for a special information session with food and entertainment. Invitations to join the Scottish Rite are currently on a one to one basis.

The Venerable Master of the Lodge of Perfection will be delegated the duty of producing the “Rush Party.” This is in line with the proposition program as outlined in the Forms & Traditions.

2. Provide assistance to Symbolic Blue Lodges in conferring the work and in candidate instruction. Goal: 2008

The Scottish Rite will secure volunteers for this assistance and offer this help upon request. Scottish Rite Masons who are well-skilled in Blue Lodge degree work and candidate instruction will be available when asked to participate in the program to assist local Lodges with these items. The Wise Master of the Chapter of Rose Croix,will be tasked to develop the list of volunteers, secure advertisement and provide assistance as our ability permits.

3. Provide for the Creation of a Speakers Bureau to conduct educational programs. Goal: 2009

The Commander of the Council of Kadosh will be tasked to secure volunteers that are skilled in speaking, and knowledgeable in the history and lore of the Fraternity. Lodges and Community Organizations will contact the Scottish Rite for programs.

4. Create highly mobile degree teams for the Mandatory Degrees. Goal: 2008

Organize a “Mobile Strike Force” that can duplicate members of degree teams, and minimum needed sets and props in order to confer the mandatory degrees in lodge rooms throughout the Valley in order to solicit members in distant communities that otherwise would not come to San Antonio for degree work.

5. Schedule meetings of the Scottish Rite, when permission is given, to hold stated meetings in the larger communities. Goal: 2010

When permission is secured, the bodies would meet for a stated meeting on a Saturday in the Valley, Corpus, Laredo and Kerrville. This would provide an opportunity for the members in those communities to attend a stated meeting of the bodies at least once a year.


1. Hold appreciation event for Reunion workers. Goal: 2008

Each year the four bodies will sponsor an annual appreciation event to thank the many volunteers that help make the Scottish Rite Organization function. The list would not be limited to the following, but is to be used as an example: Reunion Committees, Docents, Office volunteers, and others who donate their time to the Scottish Rite Bodies. The Venerable Master of Kadosh will be charged with the production of the event.

2. Continue local Knights of St. Andrew organization. Goal: In Place

The subordinate organization specifically tailored to 32° and new members will continue to be encouraged to take part in Scottish Rite activities. Initiate and continue active involvement of these valuable members.

3. Continue Scottish Rite Masonic education/discussion group. Goal: In Place

The monthly Continuing Masonic Education (CME) forum for Scottish Rite members would continue to function and discuss various Masonic topics related to the degrees, history and philosophy of the degrees. etc.

4. Create a local Court of Honor, Ducks, Ladies & social auxiliaries. Goal: 2010

The Executive Committee in conjunction will establish and maintain the organizations. These organizations will be used to increase member activity by providing subordinate organizations tailored to specific groups and social interests (golf, fishing, theatre, etc.)

5. Set up entertainment/educational group outings. Goal: 2009

The four presiding officers in conjunction with Chairman will appoint a Social Director to coordinate such outings. This will provide an opportunity for members and their families to participate in group activities with other Scottish Rite Masons, including trips to the Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas, theatre performances, sporting events, etc.


1. Create programs and events that will involve the Scottish Rite Clubs. Goal: 2009

Secure the assistance of clubs in membership drives, meetings of the Scottish Rite, providing programs, etc, as a means to involving the Clubs in the business of the Scottish Rite Valley.

2. Officers of the four Bodies will visit Clubs regularly. Goal: In Place

Continue having the four presiding and other elected officers visit each Club on a regular basis to encourage members in outlying areas of the Valley to participate in Scottish Rite activities. Through these visits, the clubs can let the Valley know of assistance they need, and the valley can communicate to the officers and members of the clubs ideas and programs that can be delivered
to the club.


1. Renew Speakers Bureau activity at Masonic/civic/service Clubs, Lodges and military bases. Goal: 2009

Advertise to public organizations about programs that are available as programs, not to be limited to Freemasonry or the Scottish Rite. Let them know who we are and what we do including some of our charitable endeavors. Use of the Speakers Bureau would be the first source for these programs.

2. Increase promotion of our Learning Center throughout the Valley. Goal: 2008

Promotional material and efforts should be made to increase awareness of the Learning Center Program.

3. Continue to support public education by utilizing the ROTC Americanism Award program from the Supreme Council. Goal: 2008

The Venerable Master of Kadosh of the Consistory will be tasked to provide the Leadership and organization of volunteers for presentations to the various schools that request the medal for presentation. The Clubs should be involved and their membership utilized for the presentations of medals that are out of the San Antonio area.


1. Evaluate degree requirements for costume and prop requirements. Goal: 2009

Each of the four presiding officers will determine, in conjunction with the degree masters, all requirements for the improvement of the equipment and regalia requirements for the mandatory degrees, and report the same to the Executive Committee. They should also verify that proper equipment is available and identify any additional requirements.

2. Committees to submit budgetary requirements to the Executive Committee. Goal: 2009

All committees should provide documentation for expenditures in their area for necessary upgrades. Committees will identify areas of need in equipment, props, wardrobe, administration, etc., to be submitted to the Executive Committee for consideration and possible inclusion in budget expenditures.

Approved by the Executive and Advisory Committees of the Valley of San Antonio this 27th day of December, 2007.