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(in alphabetical order, Emeritus members in red)

Paul W. Adkins
Timothy K. Anthony
Weylan R. Arnold
Ricardo Baldarrama
Elliott M. "Buzz" Berg
Charlie Buck
Adam Campbell
George H. Cheney
Gary B. Corell
James R. Darrell
Dock F. Dixon, Jr.
Brett L. Doyle
H. Nelson Dunn
John R. Dunn
Joe O. Estlack
Tom T. Fenley Jr.
Jaime Garza
Jesus “Jesse” A. Garza
Ronald C. Gehring
Sam W. Green, Jr.
Sam W. Green, III
E. B. Harris
Reese L. Harrison, Jr.
Chris T. Henry
Mauricio G. Hernandez

Harold E. Jacobs
Robert L. Jett
Merlin O. Krueger
Benjamin F. Linduff
Charles W. Lloyd
Harold “Red” Lohman
Al Machts, Jr.
Robert C. Madison
Bill Markins
Clinton M. M. McKenzie
Ralph A. McLeod
Monty R. McMinn
Eugene A. Meyer, Jr.
George Mills
Willis "Paco" Moore
Harry J. Moosegian
Thomas A. Mote Jr.
William S. Mullins

Gerald F. Nowotny
Edward V. O'Banion
Joe Ober-Hauser
Jimmy H. Pomroy
Andrew A. Pool
Jack W. Pool Sr.

Joe Ramirez, Jr.
Nick R. Ramos
Luis Recio
Robert D. Riley
Carl Armond Rodriguez
James A. Rodriguez
Keith E. Rollins

George Salinas
Daniel Kermit Schauer
Robert J. Schero Jr.
Ernest Alexander Sessums, Jr.
William B. Sessums
Sidney Shaenfield
Stuart H. Simms
Harry Sinco
Ernest C. Skipper
Leland T. “Tom” Smith
Christopher Tarnava Jr.
Ralph B. Tarnava
Rowland L. Tessier
Dr. James W. Todd
William J. Viner
Matthew G. Virden
Ehrenfried S. Wagner
Charles E. Weimer, Jr.
Charles A. Young

Tom G. Young
Gustavo Zamora

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Flight Commander William D. Jones, 32° KCCH
Flight Leader Max M. Charleswell, Jr., 32°
Chief Quacker Harold R. Lohmann, 32° KCCH
Chief Hatcher Albert L. Putnam, 32° KCCH
Quill Driver Ralph A. McLeod, 32° KSA
Sky Pilot William D. Viner, 32° KCCH
Ancient High Flying Birds (ex officio) Reese L. Harrison, Jr., 33°
Gerald F. Nowotny, 33°
Grand Observing Birds (ex officio)

Robert L. Jett, 33°
James W. Todd, 33°

Approval Status Chairman of Executive Committee
Reese L. Harrison, Jr., 33°

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Kenneth C. Askin, 33° 1986-1993
William J. Henry, 33° 1993-1996
Ehrenfried S. Wagner, 32° KCCH 1996-1999
Order in Repose November 1999-2008
Nick Raul Ramos, 32° 2009-2011
Robert C. Madison, 33° 2011-2012
Ralph A. McLeod, 32° KCCH 2012-2013
H. Nelson Dunn, 32° KCCH 2013-2014

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from a letter to Executive Committee Chairman
Reese L. Harrison, Jr., by William J. "Bill" Henry

January 2, 2006

The Royal Order of the Duck origin was in Dallas in the early '50s. I cannot recall the Order organizer's name but his picture is hanging backstage along with other past Stage Directors. Dallas became Flight No. 1 followed by Fort Worth, Houston and Waco.

[Editor's Note: The Bluebill Flight, Royal Order of the Duck was chartered in February, 1944. The Mother Chapter is located at the Dallas Scottish Rite Bodies of Dallas, Texas. The members of this organization are commonly referred to as "The Ducks." The purpose of the Order is to provide services related to the staging of the degrees, assisting the organized degree teams in the communication and exemplification of degrees, and such other duties as may be desired by proper authority, thereby enhancing the proficiency, cooperation, fellowship and harmony of the Scottish Rite.]

I was "hatched" in Houston in 1956. The Flight was somewhat of an elite group, had our own Dining Room separate from the insufferable Degree Teams and the riff-raff that comprised the rest of the membership. Joe Kramer was Stage Director. Joe was also Business Manager of the Motion Picture Operators Local Union. The Union had space on the second floor of a building one block distant from the old Scottish Rite building. They had an open Bar, game tables, etc. made available to "Duck" members. There was a waiting list and a two year probationary period for "Duck" membership. Membership included Judges, Fire Chief, City Councilmen, Manager of Jesse Jones Properties and other notables. Reunions were attended by many members just to watch the Degrees.

In 1986, I began promoting a possible San Antonio Flight. Interest was almost 100% with only Phil Kauffman who wanted Audio/Visual committee separate from Stage workers----He later caved when his committeemen all became members.

I went to Houston and met with the SGIG Chandler who okayed the forming of a San Antonio Flight. Back to San Antonio for then Chairman Robert B. O'Connor's enthusiastic blessing. General Secretary John E."Jack" Kelly, wrote a letter authorizing the organization.

At our first meeting, I presented a copy of By-laws (pilfered from Dallas/Houston).
We had our election of Officers---per the By-laws;
Kenneth Askin - Flight Commander---------(Stage Director)
William N. "Bill" Tate - Flight Leader-----(Asst. Stage Director)
Christopher "Chris" Tarnava, Jr. - Quacker------(CoChairman Curtains & Drops)
John E. "Jack" Kelly - Hatcher - (Gen. Secretary of San Antonio Scottish Rite Bodies)
William J. "Bill" Henry - Quill Driver (Switchboard Committee)
Approval by: Robert Burns O'Connor-Chairman

We voted to open a Bank Account at Broadway National Bank for - "Royal Order of the Duck" W. J. Henry Secretary & Treasurer.

We established a Telephone Committee ------Headed up by "Tommy" Levine

We established a Membership Committee --------Gary Correll

We voted to adopt the Royal Order of the Duck, Greenhead Flight No. 5 Membership Certificate. With----
Norman Beltz - Calligrapher
James R. "Jim" Condrey-volunteered to build certificate frames.

Within the year, Wm. "Bill" Tate developed Pancreatic Cancer and soon passed. Art Aders was asked to join us and act as "Quacker".
Christopher Tarnava became Flight Leader.
No other changes.

In 1993 Kenneth "Ken" Askin passed away. He had served long and well.
W. J. "Bill" Henry became Stage Director and was elevated to the lofty position of Flight Commander, Flight Greenhead No. 5.

Robert B. O'Connor resigned or retired as Personal Representative.
John E. Jack Kelly became Chairman----and thus was no longer "Hatcher" and was elevated to "approval" status.
Sid Shaenfield became "Hatcher".
Ehrenfried S. Wagner was elected "Quill Driver".

In 1996- John E. "Jack" Kelly asked me to take on several assignments with the status of Executive Vice President - Operations. I accepted the mission, but asked to be relieved of Stage Manager duties.

Ehrenfried S. Wagner was named Stage Manager (17 years of backstage experience and quite possibly the best Stage Manager ever in San Antonio).

He thus became Flight Commander. He served well until November 1999 when he underwent Prostate surgery. Something went wrong and he has never recovered.

We waited for Wagners recovery too long and the once mighty high flying Flight No. 5 Royal Order Of the Duck membership dwindled down as we spent our time reminiscing and testing our Corn and Rye.

At our final meeting, we voted to purchase, with our remaining funds one of the Glass Display Cases (presently in the Hall of Honors) We closed the account and shut out the lights.

We had a good run----If I can be of assistance in organizing the Hatching of a flock, let me know.

W. J. "Bill" Henry


Some Royal Order of the Duck, Greenhead Flight No. 5 Activities:

Application for Membership
Annual Dues Card
Certificate of Membership
Certificate of Appreciation (Award for meritorious actions)

Purchased & Sold Logo Embroidered Caps
Purchased and Sold Logo Lapel or Cap Pins
Purchased and sold embroidered Patch---to sew on Jacket etc.

The above plus dues is how we were able to:

Purchase a Leaf on the Tree of Life ---$ 1,000.00 donation to Cathedral Endowment Fund.

Purchased the materials for two of the large Display Cases in the Museum Room. Labor to build the cases was donated by James Condrey--- construction of the Cases was in the Cabinet Shop of Better Built Enterprises. -though not Masons, the owners of the shop donated the space and Mill equipment. Delivery to the Scottish Rite Building was by Condrey and Henry---We drafted the able bodied candidates during a break to carry the Cases up stairs.

We tried to have a Dinner Meeting( Dutch) every two months----we always arranged for a guest speaker or some form of entertainment.

The Flight had no overhead cost with the exception of Postage and Guests meals.

The objective was camaraderie. The Ladies attended all of our Dinner Meetings.

One of the Glass cases in the Hall of Honors was the last action.


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Section 1 - Name
This organization shall be known as the Royal Order of the Duck.

Section 2 - Object of the Organization
The object of this organization is to promote good-fellowship and continuity of interest among those actively participating in stage work and associated activities for the advanced degrees and those semi-active or affiliated persons elected to membership.


Section 1 - Officers. Powers and duties

Officers of the organization will be as follows:

Flight Commander - Stage Director
Flight Leader - Appointed
Chief Quacker - Appointed
Chief Hatcher - Appointed
Quill Driver - Appointed
Sky Pilot - Elected

Ex-officio officers:

Ancient High Flying Bird - Reunion Director
Grand Observing Bird - Assistant Reunion Director

The working supervision of this organization will be vested in the stage director, his assistants, and the chairmen of the various committees. The business management of this organization will be vested in an advisory council to be composed of the following:

Chairman - Stage Director
First Vice Chairman - Day Assistant Stage Director
Second Vice Chairman - Night Assistant Stage Director
Quill Driver

Three committee chairmen to be appointed to the advisory council by the chairman.

Section 2 - Terms of Officers
Terms of all officers shall be for one year. All officers shall serve without compensation.

Section 3 - Duties of Officers
The Chairman and in his absence, or inability to act, the Vice-Chairman shall preside at oil meetings, appoint committees, for the general management and direction of the affairs of this order, and shall perform such duties as may be consistent with his office.

Section 4 - Chairman Pro-Tem.
If at any time the chairman or the Vice-Chairman shall be unable or disqualified to act, the Advisory Council shall appoint some other member of the Council so to do, in whom shall be vested for the time being all of the duties, powers and functions of such office.

Section 5 - Quill Driver
The Quill Driver shall keep a record of all the proceedings of the Advisory Council and of all general and special meetings, and every other record made under or required by the provisions of the By-Laws of this order and to receive and file all correspondence and other papers. He shall serve, issue and publish all notices required to be given, prepare all ballots under the direction of the Advisory Council; receive, disburse, and/or dispose of and keep a record of all donations, gifts, bequests and contributions made to it, or moneys belonging to this order in the manner provided herein or as otherwise directed by the Advisory Council; receive all applications for membership, prepare all certificates of membership and other certificates or records required to be prepared, and to keep a complete record thereof; he shall receive all funds of this order. The Quill Driver shall immediately upon any change in location or manner in which these records are kept, notify the Advisory Council, stating the reason therefor.

In case of his absence, inability to Act or to perform any of the duties of his office, such duties may be performed by any member so directed by the chairman or Advisory Council.

Section 6 - Dues
Each active member shall pay $10.00 dues per year payable at or before the first day of July of each year and shall be declared delinquent after the Summer Reunion. Dues to begin when the member starts his probationary period.

Each associate member shall pay $10.00 initiation fee and annual dues of $10.00 payable as above.

There shall be no initiation fee and annual dues for honorary members.

Section 7 - Duties and Powers of the Advisory Council
It shall be the duty of the Advisory Council to conduct, manage, govern, execute, and administer all of the affairs of this order; to control and supervise the handling of all of its funds and properties; to cause to be kept a complete record of all meetings and acts; to supervise all officers and members of this order and to see that their duties are properly performed, to pass upon all applications in this order, and cause membership certificates and other certificates required to be issued on all applications which have been approved and accepted. Two thirds of the Advisory Council shall constitute a quorum.

Section 8 - Committees
The successful attainment of the object of this order is vested in the following committees, the chairmen of which shall be appointed by the Stage Manager subject to the approval of the Chairman of the Executive Commitee, Valley of San Antonio.

1. Stage Managers
2. Altar
3. Curtains and Drops
4. Electrical
5. Properties
6. Audio-Visual
7. Switchboard
8. Organ
9. Pinch Hitters
10. Time Callers
11. Wardrobe
12. Chefs
13. Steward Servers

The chairman of each committee will be proposed and kept up to full force by the chairman of that committee. It will be the committee chairman's duty to have the necessary personnel at all sessions of the Reunion and he will present to the Stage Director a complete schedule of workers and time of work for each individual at the meeting immediately preceding any Reunion. The necessity of making any changes in this schedule due to unforeseen circumstances will be the responsibility of the Committee Chairmen and must be reported to the Stage Director before the opening of any session of the Reunion wherein a personnel change is made.


Section 1 - Qualifications for Membership
To be eligible for membership a man must be a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason in good standing.

Section 2 - Membership Classifications
Active Member - An active member will be one who, after serving a probationary period of active participation on any of the committees of the stage workers in two consecutive Reunions may be elected to membership.

A majority vote of the active membership in attendance at any business meeting will be necessary to elect a probationary candidate to active membership.

To retain active status, a member must take part in 3 out of the 11 sessions of each reunion or be excused by his committee chairman for good cause.

Associate Members - Any active Reunion worker outside the membership of committees listed for active members may be elected as an associate member by a majority vote of the members in attendance at any business meeting.

Section 3 - Application for Membership
Each Committee Chairman will select his aides to enter a probationary period. At the end of this period, only the Committee Chairman of the specific committee and one other active Duck, will be permitted to propose the candidate for active membership.

Application for Associate membership must bear the signatures of at least two active members.

Nomination for Honorary Membership must bear the signatures of two Active Members and one Associate Member.

Section 4 - Continuation of Membership
Active Members must be paid up in dues and must satisfy the requirements of Section 2 above.

Associate Members must be paid up in dues and remain in active contact with Reunion work.


A regular meeting shall be held at a convenient time and place prior to each Scottish Rite Reunion, not to exceed two per year.

Special meetings may be called at the discretion of the Flight Commander and/or Advisory Council. An advance notice to membership one week prior to meeting date shall be sent on all meetings.


The meeting shall be called to order at the appointed hour.


The business shall be proceeded with in the manner prescibed in the order of business.

Order of Business

1. Call meeting to order
2. Invocation
3. Reading of minutes of previous meeting
4. Application for membership.
5. Resignations, delinquencies, non-active members
6. Report of committees
7. Treasurers report
8. Unfinished business
9. New business
10. Welfare of order
11. Adjourn


Any Duck wishing to make a motion, deliver his opinion, or speak upon any subject, shall respectfully address the chair. He shall confine himself to the question under discussion and avoid personalities. If two or more members speak at the same time, the Chairman shall decide who shall speak first.


No Duck shall interrupt another in his remarks, unless to call him to order for words spoken. No member shall speak more than once on the same subject, until all members wishing to speak have done so.


A member while speaking being called to order by another, shall cease speaking until the question of order is determined.


No motion shall be subject to action until seconded and stated by the chair.


A motion to adjourn shall be in order, except when a member is speaking or a vote is being taken. A motion to adjourn failing of passage, cannot be renewed until some other proposition is made or business transacted.


When a motion has been passed, it shall be in order for any member voting in the majority to move for a reconsideration thereof at the same or next meeting.


The By-Laws, after adoption, shall not be suspended, altered, amended, or repealed except by a vote of two-thirds of the membership.


Nominations, elections, and installations shall be held at the Fall meeting.


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